Promo EP - Asleep in a Blizzard

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Name: Asleep in a Blizzard
Release: Promo EP
Track #: 2
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to walk a long and winding path
uncover what lies behind perception
to find what I`ve been searching for
but hide from death and affliction?
so i might see what i could be
just catch a sight of ideal nature
for I`ll break free of misery
and find the answer to all my questions
leave this place, off to a dream

long awaited, it seeps on my hands so gently
warm and friendly, a haze revives my memory
i chase a rainbow, up to the horizon
i`ve returned to a place i called home

familiar shore sorrounding me
i find the whole world at peace now
i blossom into a stranger me
as meadows unclench my heart`n soul
scenes of life, a coastal town
youthful play, music and dance
my eyes meet with a boy aside
he turns away and stares right past me
turned to stone, to guide my soul
vacant stare, son of zeus

wrest the beauty from my eyes, uncaring
heavy hearted i leave this world behind

climbing the stairs to the temple aloft, tremor and coldness,knees get weak
sight of a madman, can`t look away, witches at work, they don`t hesitate

over the fire they revel in blood, ripping and tearing, lacerate
the infant`s remains crack in their mouth, in silent rage while looking at me

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