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Name: Cobwebbed
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a pleasent shade of red like i never saw you in before
covering your skin, spotlight`s on for the encore
i want to steal a kiss but you just turn away
captured by your vibes, how could i ever make you

but now is the time to prove i can live without you
you conquered all my thoughts, disrespecting all that i do
tired of your words, eager to your skin
i have to end it now, says a voice from deep within

these words i need to say, i hesitantly bring them out
confession not a rant and suddenly i am in doubt
the lines of your face don`t adjust to what i say
you laugh from high above and still you lead my way

"live and let live", you told me that foggy evening
"they always come back to reclaim what they`re adoring
you`ll just have to give whatever i am demanding
your money, your soul, your pride won`t be enough from where i`m standing"

but now i realize i could never live without you
reconquering my thoughts, disrespecting all that i do
listening to your words, subjected to you skin
how could i ever end what drives my from within?

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